SFX 2004

"I must be in Canada!"
-- Anthony Montgomery, upon having the $10 that fell out of his pocket returned to him by a fan.

SFX is part of a larger convention run annually by Hobbystar Marketing. To the joy of many fans, this year's event saw the addition of a horror section called "Festival of Fear". The main Star Wars guest was Peter "Chewbacca" Mayhew who entertained many guests of the convention.

This year, the 501st.ca got to treat the Mayhews to a steak dinner. Happily for the Mayhews, they were also treated to another steak dinner by Sithclan. I didn't hear the Wookiee complain about having two steak dinners in a row, in fact, I think he rather enjoyed it.

As with previous years, the convention organizers invited the 501st.ca to troop around the event to keep it safe from the Rebels. Several new troopers joined us this time around. For some, it was their first time out in armour. Darth Vader was pleased to learn that despite the presence of new recruits, no troopers were lost at this outing.

edited by: avatar | photos by: Derek & Brian | report by: SLam
SFX2k4 Photos
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501st.ca being interviewed by the Naked News.

TK1565 spots something!

Nick: "Hi, I'm Nick, I'll be your DJ tonight"

Brian, what did you say to him?

Turtles, turtles,
I love turtles.

TK1565 takes aim.

Pinhead: "Nope, I really can pick up more radio stations."

Roy: "Must, kill, everyone."

Bathrobe Jedi.

Posing with
the ladies.

Hey TI829, he's getting some action.

Anthony Montgomery: "I must be in Canada."

Uhm... that's a kilt!

Fett with Peter Mayhew.

I think his helmet
is too tight.
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