SFX 2003
August 22-24, 2003: Toronto, Ontario

SFX is part of the largest annual science fiction and fantasy convention in Canada. It is held in conjunction with a comic book convention and an anime convention. The 501st.ca has attended SFX every year since its inception and this year was no different.

There was a change over past years, however -- as our presence has always been a big hit with convention goers, the 501st and Rebel Legion were invited by SFX organiers to be an official part of the festivities!

This year's attendees for SFX were: Darth "Robin" Vader, BH8311, TB7742, TR1125, TK551, TK878, TK309, Rob the Snowtrooper, TI829 and TK501. Our garrison's surprise guest was TR773 (Randy Ko) incognito. Randy just happened to be in town that weekend and we managed to hook up with him. He soon became our offical handler and Holder of All Things.

SFX 2003 saw several Star Wars guests including: David Prowse (Darth Vader), Ray Park (Darth Maul), and Ken Steacy (artist for Star Wars: Empire comics and others).

The Masquerade this year was unforgettable for us. We were asked to be part of the show, not as contestants, but to help with a special opening of the night's events. We worked with Masquerade MC Gordon Rose to do a skit to start the show off with a bang. Judging by the response of the crowd, we were a big hit. Thanks Gord, for those great ideas and playing along!

To cap off Saturday's events, we joined members of the Toronto Long Line at what has become an annual event: their dinner social at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

The 501st.ca would like send out a big thanks to James Armstrong for getting us to be part of this year's SFX and for his help in organizing everything. Thanks also to our very own Adrian and Colin for allowing us to change in their hotel rooms!

We had many cameras out and about this time around and the results can be seen below!

Fett Goes Hunting
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Fett with David Prowse

Fett takes aim at a Wraith!

Oh no! Not a demon!

Fett With Lou Ferrigno

Fett takes on some Trekkies!

Fett always has time for an interview.

Photos With Guests and Attendees.
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It's Mini-Jango!

Ray Park and the gang on Friday.

Ray Park with the rest of the gang on Saturday.

Dude, where's your lightsabre?

Posing again.

Morrigan poses with us.

Chii from Chobits with the troops.

I am NOT your father!

Trooping Around SFX
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David Prowse and a few friends.

Prowse talks to the fans.

We were actually asked for autographs.

I shall call him, Mini-Me!

Troops on guard.

Mooning Toronto.

Roy: Oh, that was a closet. I couldn't see.

Oh yeah, look, he's gonna hurl!

Watch out, that elevator might hit a tree now!

Imperials only, get the next one.

The Ring bothers and Ray Park.

Royal Guards escalate the situation.

Peace out man!


Troops come storming in.

Fett looks on to infinity.

Ken, you look tired.

Guest? How the heck did you get that?

TR1125: "Emperor in trouble?
O.k. let me finish this game first."

Randy: "You wouldn't believe what's happening right now!"

Final Fantasy anime'ers.


Final Fantasy costumes.


"Look, it's Black Bastard!"

A fellow costumer.

It's Gandalf!

Gord 'n the gang incognito.

The Matrix Twins and Ray Park pose for a few quick photos.

The Naked News wanted interviews.

Sunday ended up being "choking day".

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Some of the SFX 2003 501st Canadian Garrison Attendees
TD501, TK878, TB7742, BH8311, SL215, TR1125, TI829, Rob, TK1605, TK551.

The troops are on stage.

Vader inspects the troops.

Ack, a Jedi sneaks on.

A battle of... fists?

You're not the host they're looking for.

Photos by: Graeme, Adrian, Robin, Randy, SLam
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