SFX 2001

August 24 - 26, 2001 : Toronto, Ontario

SFX is part of a large annual convention which also consists of a comic book con and an anime con.

The 501st Canadian Garrison (501st.ca) intercepted alarming reports that the Rebel Legion was going to attempt to locate members of the Rebellion at SFX. This had to be verified, and if found accurate, stopped. Darth "Robin" Vader led the Canadian Garrison Commander, TX741 and his loyal troops, TK878, TR1125, and TI829 on their patrol of SFX. We sucessfully located and arrested Rebel scum RT501, and the Canadian Base Commander of the Rebel Legion, Jedi avatar.

To further bolster the Star Wars presence at SFX were members of Young Jedi Niagara: Chris "Obi Wan", Nick "Han Solo", and Graeme "Boba Fett".

No sci-fi convention would be complete without some actors from Star Wars. Fans lined up to get an autograph from several Star Wars actors, including Peter Mayhew (aka. Chewbacca). Mr. Mayhew also took time to pose with us for the fans who eagerly snapped pictures. Garrick Hagon (Biggs), Paul Blake (Greedo), Richard LeParmentier (Admiral Motti), and Jerome Blake (Rune Haako, Mas Amedda) also made appearances at the convention.

Members of the Toronto Long Line from the Toronto Fan Force also attended the convention and hosted a dinner social at "The Old Spaghetti Factory" in downtown Toronto. They had some good spag'! Jerome Blake and Paul Blake joined the group for after-dinner drinks.

Thanks go out to Mrs. Angie Mayhew.

The whole gang had a good time goofing around at the convention, taking in the large dealers area, and posing for pictures for many convention attendees.

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The Scooby Gang

A group shot of most of the attendees at SFX2001 from the 501st.ca, Rebel Legion, Young Jedi Niagara, and Kropserkle. (L-R standing to front) Jedi Avatar, TX741, Chris "Obi Wan", Darth Robin, TR1125, TI829, Graeme "Boba Fett", me (TK878), Darth Maul (Kropserkle), Nick "Han Solo" and RT501 (sorry about the lack of feet).

That's what RT501
looked like before we
shot & killed him.

Darth "Robin" Vader, the 501st Canadian Garrison Vader Clone

TI829 standing guard.

TR1125 in
"Dude, Where's my
Force Pike?"

Take 1 part TX741
Stealth Trooper
add an equal part of
Jedi Avatar...
mix and we get....
that's just not right.

Chris "Obi Wan"
from YJN

Don't mess
with the Fett.

Nick "Han Solo"

Around the Con

RT501 standing guard by the Star Wars guests...before we shot him dead.

Jedi avatar ponders...

Check out those contacts!

(1) SFX is always busy!

(2) Can you spot what's wrong
with this picture?

(1) It's the SPACE-TV mascot!


TX741: Stealth Trooper by day!
Fashion photographer by night!

(1) SLam taking a picture of TD741.

(1) Tracy and Tragic from the Toronto Long Line at the Spaghetti social.

(1) Doug: "Wow,
that's what I look like?"

TR1125: "OUCH! I know where
that force pike is!"

Photo Credits: SLam (unmarked)/ Stéphane Desrosiers (1)/ avatar (2)/ YJN (3)

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