SFX 2000

August 25 - 27, 2000 : Toronto, Ontario

SFX is one of the largest Canadian science-fiction conventions. It is held in conjunction with an anime and comic-book convention at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in downtown Toronto. This year, the Canadian Garrison's members in attendance were: TB878, TB741, TB749, TR1125, Aurra Sing, Darth Vader, Mookie (in civilian clothes) and soon-to-be member, Valérie.

On Saturday, the Bikers (one of which was me), Darth and avatar decided to go off to the convention ahead of the others in order to pick up our passes. We had unfortunately parked in an area about 10 blocks away from the convention grounds. This was an underground parking area, and we did not take note of the building in question as our illustrious leader had led us to believe we had parked in another building much closer to the convention grounds.

And so our half of the group walked 10 blocks across the tourist area of Toronto in full gear. This led to having our pictures taken quite often by bewildered tourists. It was also the longest 10 block walk I have ever done. However, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

After we arrived we were treated to free day passes. Once we finally all got together at the con, we posed at one spot for at least half an hour for pictures. We got interviewed a few times as well. Needless to say, we were quite a hit at the convention.

As usual, we decided at the last minute to enter the costume contest (with Mookie's help). We ended up with the 2nd prize in sci-fi. The first place winner was Boba Fett.

We swung by the con incognito on Sunday so we could actually see what was happening. To be honest, this con is more of a glorified dealers' room than anything else but it's still interesting to go to for at least a day.

And now for the pictures:

The Stars
Jeremy Bulloch (a.k.a. Boba Fett)
Jeremy Bulloch and Bruno (TB749)
Jeremy and Hilary (as Aurra Sing)
Jeremy and Hilary
Anthony Stewart Head (Gilles from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") and Bruno
Anthony Stewart Head at an interview.

The trip from the parking lot
It's strip tease Vader!
TB741 and TB878
TB878 contemplates a new career.
The Empire hasn't even left the parking lot and already we're getting recruits.
TB741: Alright Lord Vader, are you sure you know where we parked?
The Bikers choose a slower mode of transportation.
TB741: Alright Vader, now where *is* the con?
Hey, we got in free!

The Imperials
TB878 is trying to figure out where the camera is.
Valérie and Aurra Sing waiting for the guys to show up.
Valérie standing guard.
Aurra on the lookout for bounties.
Taking the Pepsi challenge. The Empire chose Pepsi because their logo more closely resembles the Death Star.
Sure, I'll buy that camera.
...and here is the last known picture of TR1125.
The group minus Darth Vader.
The group again.
Vader finally shows up.
Finally able to move from our original spot.
This picture was taken at one of the booths near the autograph area.
Mookie doing his Bruce Willis impersonation
ACK! Put it back! Put it BACK!
One of my favorite pictures...

The original polaroid, with Mookie standing in for the absent Aurra Sing.
Aurra Sing properly placed.
Aurra: "Ah I see, so you're not ALL machine."
Our trophy.

The Group Incognito
Hilary (Aurra Sing) and Ken (TR1125)
Ken (TR1125) trying to get avatar to look at the camera.
avatar and Mookie

Misc. Shots
Xenomorph (Kropserkel) and Bruno
Xenomorph attacking Steph (TD741) while Val tries to fight it off with a poster.
Hmm... DragonBall Z.

Thanks Ken and Robin for housing the out-of-towners. Thanks Mookie, avatar, Mike, and SLam for the pictures. Thanks to everyone else for your work in making this appearance a success.

Edited by: avatar