D*Con 2001 Report
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Around the Con
August 30th - September 3rd 2001
[report by TK878 / edited by Avatar]

Dragon Con held in Atlanta is esentially the largest science-fiction/fantasy convention in the world. The Hyatt and the Marriot hotels in downtown Atlanta were used to hold the convention's events, panels, dealers rooms, etc. There is no one specific fandom is focused on, but the 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion made it known that Star Wars is a force to be reckoned with.

Quite a few members of the Canadian Garrison (501st.CA) and friends made the long trip from Canada to Atlanta to attend the convention. TB878 (me), TB741, Avatar (Rebel Legion), TT501 (as an Imperial officer), Aurra "Hillary" Sing & her brother Rich, TR1125, and our favorite Rebel Pilot Mookie (Rebel Legion).

Please feel free to look at this and other sections for small summaries of each event and photos (click on the thumbnails for a larger full view of the pictures).

Hanging around D*Con

Darth Goat

Ken, don't touch...
oh never mind. (sl)

Steph and Arsinoe

Hmmmm..... yeah,
that could work. (sl)

Bob and Mookie.

The post D*Con movie gang.

The Oreo_Spam gang. l-r: Ken, SLam, Lynn, Steph, and Av (sl)

l-r: SLam, Mookie, Ken, Oliver, Doug, Steph, Av, Lynn, Stacy, Jason (sl)

Avatar and Lynn
"TB5150". (sd)

Avatar and Lynn
"Mon Mothma". (sd)

l-r: Steph, Avatar, Jason, Lynn, and Oliver (sd)

Mookie and Oliver... errr.... Get to know each other. (sl)

You gotta love a
face like that.
I mean you have to,
he's coming closer! (sd)


A tired Mookie?!??!

Can't keep the man down.
Dance Mookie!!!


Now, which one is the dummy? (sl)

Ken does it again!

Steph, you're no Arthur.

Hobbit? (lt)

LOTR display in
the dealers area. (lt)

Stacy and Avatar.

Monkey Biker Scout!

The Emperor and his guards.

Watch where you stick
that force pike!!!

Taking no chances, TB741 keeps his helmet on!

See, it's only a
video camera.
Don't kill me. (sl)

"LET HIM GO!" (sl)


TB741, TB5150, and TB878 hanging around. (lt)

TB5150, Darth Goat, and TB741 (lt)

Stormtroopers hanging around. (sl)

You don't need to pee.

Steph and Avatar

TX741 and Avatar

Doug is cool!
He also sets up the 501st fan table with Keith. (sl)

Doug manns the fan table. (sl)

Dunno, looks like a male porn model.

l-r: Mark, Oliver, Kevin, Lynn, Chris, Steph, AV, and Tim (sl)

A few of the celebs at DraconCon 2001

Don Bluth signs autographs for fans! (sd)

Anthony Daniels talks Star Wars. (sd)

Avatar, Anthony Daniels, and Steph (sl)

Steve Sansweet from
Lucasfilm Fan Relations. (sl)

David "Vader" Prowse and Avatar (sl)

TB741, Prowse, and TB878

Miscellanous Photos around Atlanta and D*Con

The Marriott Tower (lt)


The thing from Princess Mononoke, Kodama (lt)

Spooooooky! (sl)

You're falling apart man! (lt)

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